Helping Wildlife in Need!

We are only a small organisation but we try our best to help as many people as possible. We try our hardest to provide a 24 hour service but on rare occasions this many not be possible.  We are also not a Pest Control company and do not deal with the removal of dead or unwanted animals or birds in gardens.

All our rescuers and carers undertake their role as volunteers, we only have a small team of rescuers and carers so we are limited on the number of small and baby wildlife we can take on. Each year we try to increase what we can deal with but with baby birds needing feeding every 15 minutes it can be difficult to take on too many. We sometimes have to limit the number of call-outs or casualties which we take in, this can be for financial reasons, but also due to the number of cages and facilities we have suitable for that type of casualty. We believe in Quality not Quantity.

If you have any feedback be it positive or negative please use the form below to help us learn and develop a better service.

Feel free to use this form more than once to rate different aspects of WRAS's service. You do not have to include your address or phone number, but your name and town would be appreciated. Comments left may be used to help promote WRAS.